Lacetown Archery Club Rules


"On behalf of the committee I would like to welcome you to Lace Town Archers. In your pack is a copy of the club’s constitution, the minutes of the last annual general meeting and a copy of archery etiquette. Please take a few minutes to read through the attached information which I hope you will find useful."

Lacetown Archery Club Constitution


"The Lacetown Archery Club Constitution outlines the basic rules of Lace Town Archers. It sets out the structure for running the club, types of membership and acceptable conduct. Should you have any questions relating to the Constitution please ask a Committee Member who will try to answer them."

Lacetown Archery Club Etiquette


"Note1 Archers should note that there are different rules for FITA Head to Head rounds. Note 2 For FTA rounds you should leave the line once you have shot your arrows for GNAS rounds if there is only one archer left on the line another archer should remain on the line until they have finished. paragraph."

Lacetown Archery Club Beginners Guide to Archery


"Welcome to Lace Town Archers Target Shooting Club where we have a mixture of archers, young and old, experienced and beginners. We are a diverse and social club with a membership that includes people of all ages and from different walks of life. We shoot all types of bow styles, including recurve; compound, barebow and longbow."

Lacetown Archery Club Notes on Field Captain's Course


"Field Captain’s Role – the Field captain is the Safety Officer for the shoot. Primary responsibility is for safety, of the general public and archers. The Archery GB insurance is based on clubs complying with the GNAS Rules of shooting. For our

outside field, there are a number of actions that we should take to better comply."