Welcome to the Lacetown Archers club page. Within the documents section is a copy of the club’s constitution and clubs archery etiquette. Please take a few minutes to read through the attached information which I hope you will find useful.


About the club and membership

We are a target archery club who shoot all types of bow styles, including recurve; compound, barebow and longbow. The club offers both senior and junior membership. We have qualified Archery GB coaches, who are here to help and assist you. However as per Archery Etiquette, after you have completed a beginners course it should be down to you, as the archer to ask for advice or assistance rather than a coach come to you, unless there is clearly a risk to your or another archers personal safety . The more experienced archers can also provide tips as well, however please respect the fact that if they are doing a scoring round you may need to wait for another time or seek guidance from another archer.



The club shoots to strict safety rules which are laid down by the archery governing body and have a fantastic safety record. We ask all members to follow these rules on each occasion they shoot for the safety of themselves and others. See also archery etiquette.


The Committee

The club’s committee is made up of volunteers from the club and are appointed at the Annual General Meeting which usually takes place in July each year. The AGM is your opportunity, as a member, to have a say on how your club is run and managed and to volunteer to do one of the roles which is essential to the workings of the club, without which we could not function.

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Tournament Calendar


Please visit the calendar to keep abreast of any and all planned events. This page links directly to the ArcheryGB Tournaments Calendar page. Lace Town Archery Club takes no responsibility for the accuracy or content of pages outside of its own control. 

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Archery has something to offer to everyone. If you are new to the sport and would be interested in learning more, then why not sign up for one of our beginners courses. You will find our beginners course both fun and rewarding. Follow this link for the Lacetown Archery Club core document portfolio.​


Annual General Meeting - Minutes


The Annual General Meeting of the Lace Town Archery Club is held once a year. To download the minutes of each AGM as a PDF document, click opposite to access the AGM club page.