About us


Welcome to Lace Town Archers Target Shooting Club where we have a mixture of archers, young and old, experienced and beginners. We are a diverse and social club with a membership that includes people of all ages and from all walks of life. We shoot all types of bow styles, including recurve; compound, barebow and longbow.

Where are we?


We are based around Honiton, Devon but we have members as far a field as Teignmouth; Exeter; Taunton and Yeovil.  If you can get to us, then you are welcome.

How to contact us


The easiest way us to send us an email.  Our email address is: lacetownarcheryclub@gmail.com


If you would like to speak to a 'real' person, then please feel free to call our Chairman Mark Cardy on: {number to follow shortly}.